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In this section you will find columns reflecting our thoughts and position, as Christians, upon the issues and items current in society, as well as articles of interest. In addition to this there are regular updates as to our specific events and activities.



Spain her answer was that there were a few, and she referenced a high ranking official who did indeed hold such views personally. However, in his official role he has to defer to the structure of his political party – which holds all the opposite views. This example helps to highlight a significant Christian dilemma, what can those who are in decision making positions, especially high ones, do with their faith, or are they unable to exercise it at all outside of their home?

In Gibraltar we have a prevailing respect for conservative moral and family values, however, beneath this religious or easily spoken shell is hidden a high numbers of divorces and disfunctional families. Our society is broken and what it needs is to recover a real and authentic sensibility, not that of a window-dressed morality but with a true sense of purpose and reality.

These days, to be opposed to same sex marriage, to hold that abortion is murder and that money isn´t the answer for everything, is to be called old-fashioned, closed minded, or worse. No longer coming from the classic hippies of the sixties, these names are now applied from the high levels of ´official´ or government statement and by the majority of widespread media communication with the result being that to hold what might be called conservative or Christian views it to truly know what it is to swim against the current.

In Europe we who hold such positions are in a clear minority and our governing officials are not working in our favour. This week we were participating in a radio program and we interviewed a Christian journalist in Madrid. When we asked the question of whether there are true Christians working in the national politics of

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Article: What God can do with 57 cents

One girl was crying near the door of a church, which does not let go, because he was “very full”. “I can´t go to Sunday school” told the weeping pastor, who was walking beside her. Seeing her appearence, which was without care, the pastor knew the reason, and taking her out of hand, entered the church and found a place for her in the class.

The girl was so touched that she slept that night thinking of the children who did not haave a place to worship Jesus. Some years later, they found the body of the girl in some poor apartments and their parents called the goodness of the pastor, who was fond of the girl, to handle the funeral details.

While moving his small body, they found an old wallet and damaged to be put out of a dumpster. Inside the wallet found 57 cents and a note read as a child in writing, “This is to help build a church in which children can go to Sunday school”, she had saved for two years for this gift of love.

When the pastor read this letter with tears in their eyes, knew immediately what was going to do. Loading the note and the portfolio to pulpit, he told the story of selfless love and affection of the girl. The challenged the deacons to be hastened and lifted enough money to build a bigger church.

But the story does not end there!. A newspaper heard the story and published it. A real estate agent, who read it, offered them a piece of land worth many thousands. When the church told him that he could not pay that amount, the estate agent offered the ground by 57 cents. The members of the church made big contributions. Checks came from far away. In 5 years the offering of the girl was growing up 250,000 U.S. dollars, a large amount for that time (late-century ancestor). Her unselfish love had paid large dividends.

When you go to the city of Philadelphia, look for the church "Baptist Temple", which has a capacity for 3,300 people, and Temple University, where hundreds of students are trained. Look also at the hospital "Good Samaritan" and a Sunday school that hosts hundreds of students, so that no child is left out of the area during the time of the class Sunday. In one of the rooms of this building can see a picture of one side of the sweet girl whom the 57 cents that had saved with sacrifice, made a great story. Next to this picture is the portrait of Dr Sweet pastor. Russell H. Conwell, author of "Acres of Diamonds, a true story." It shows what God can do with 57 cents.