CLC Community

We are passionate about helping the city of Gibraltar and the world in any way we can.
Believing in the call to be a city on a hill in every way. Committed with nature preservation, those in desperate need in society and the decisions that are made to make this city a better place.

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Last year we participated in three beach cleanings in collaboration with the Nautilius Project. The Church premises hold recycle bins and we try hard to use reusable cutlery and bottles of water.

For the children Bible Summer Camp as an organization we provided reusable bottles of water to each child.

We’re currently partnering with the government on a way of helping to find solutions for those who need it the most. The project will be kick starting within next couple of years and we will disclose as soon as we have specific information.


A support group for anxiety and depression aimed at building a stronger community and surrounding people with these issues with others alike, who understand.

Contact info for Support group

T: (350) 54083474


Contact us if you want more information.
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